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Check out the SHORT SALE CALCULATOR and find out if it makes sense to walk away.

Benefits of Working with Us

  • NO Short Sale fees, EVER
  • Nationwide lender relationships that allow us to work much quicker and more effectively
  • Licensed, experienced, kind, and ethical staff that work short sales exclusively
  • Successfully closed with every major lender multiple times, and many small lenders
  • We have done hundreds of short sales nationwide, and can work with ANY lender
  • A better option when facing foreclosure or bankruptcy, which can affect your credit for 7-10 years

SHORT SALE CALCULATOR will help you make a Logical Financial Decision.

Short Sale Plan:

  • We manage the banks and buyers, and protect your interests
  • Our National RE Agent Network comprised of local, qualified, experienced short sale professionals
  • We are compensated by the lenders, and do not charge you any short sale fees
  • Focus on Value Preservation in your neighborhood, while making your deficiency as little as possible
  • If listed, possibility of no sign in front of your home, and no open houses

How do I proceed with a short sale?

First, figure out the true market value of your home. A qualified real estate professional, like those at Point Realtor, will be able to give you a good idea of what your house should probably sell for based on prior sales of similar houses in the area. Be careful of websites where a computer estimates your house's market value since they may not have complete information or know important things like neighborhood trends and current listings. 

Tampa homeowners who are upside down on their home loan and need results fast should turn to the expertise of Point Realtor to guide them through the short sale process. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Next, estimate your closing costs. The knowledgeable REALTORS® at Point Realtor will account for fees including title report, appraisal, escrow, property taxes, and agent commissions to estimate your final costs at the closing table.

Finally, contact your lender and make them aware of your situation. They may even have a particular department that manages short sales. Ask about their specific procedures. Some lenders will be more inclined to work with you than others. They may be able to lessen how much you owe or make other arrangements. Your lender will have to approve the final sale. 

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